ZIJN%20logo 'To be or not to be?' This ancient question appears more relevant every day. How to face outrageous fortune in times of crisis: with acceptance or with struggle? Mysticism or Politics? And is it indeed EITHER/OR? Time for Hamlet to demolish his own monologue like a half insane shaman. Not this pale cast of thought, but to deconstruct words into sounds, spit into incantations. But how to speak without colonizing silence? Without words paralizing reality, cutting open everything which inseperably belongs together, and most of all: blocking action? Or can we learn, especially in times of crisis, to speak and listen simultaneously? Both Be & Not Be?

Actor/sound poet/physical theatermaker sieger baljon in this first part of the triptych Zijn&NietZijn (To Be & Not To Be) explores the essence of language. Part two (not to be) researches the world beyond language, where part three song for the forgotten song is an attempt to a new indigenous & inclusive oral tradition.

language: mixed english & dutch

concept & performance: sieger baljon

text: William Shakespeare, sieger baljon

end director: Marijn Graven

creative production: Miranda Laanstra

light: Joshua Lagerwerf

shout outs: Station Noord, Grand Theatre, Jonathan Offereins, Jasmin Hasler

photography: Niels Knelis Meijer Sieger-Baljon_NZ20_GrandTheatre_Knelis-0049-_IMG8634Sieger-Baljon_NZ20_GrandTheatre_Knelis-0058-_IMG8696Sieger-Baljon_NZ20_GrandTheatre_Knelis-0005-DSC_3412Sieger-Baljon_NZ20_GrandTheatre_Knelis-0001-DSC_3373Sieger-Baljon_NZ20_GrandTheatre_Knelis-0023-DSC_3572