What is Operatie Tandwiel?

Operatie Tandwiel (Operation Cog) is an open heart operation, by kindred spirits on the sharp edge of the political, the contemporary and the invisible, gathered around theatermaker and performer sieger baljon (1981). Since 2003 baljon actively performs within the fields of poetry & sound, music, theatre and activism. In 2013 he finalized the Mime Opleiding at the Amsterdam Theaterschool, developing an animist inspired contemporary theatre practice that doesn't shy away from the political, nor from the spiritual. Fascinated by the analogy between the role of the artist and the social role of the shaman in premodern society, Operatie Tandwiel researches the borders between these roles, using animist concepts as theatrical material in a raw, contemporary context, opening up the inside of the strange machine we call the world. Operatie Tandwiel loves to shake loose old layers within the audience; with love for words or sounds, as well as physical disruption, tasting like freedom. Let's bring out our tools & get dirty.

Operatie Tandwiel has been causing trouble with the the entry of Black Claus (2014) and the corresponding performance, and played at northern festivals before with 'Incantations' (2019), 'ZIJN (2B/not 2B)' (2020), and in 2021 with 'SOURCECODE (this mob made me)'.

Contact us at info@operatietandwiel.nl

credits SOURCECODE (this mob made me):

sieger baljon
geartsje van der zee
sound design:
dennis van tilburg
eva koopmans, cezara-maria gurau
hannegijs jonker, philipp cahrpit, sieger baljon, elin van der lei / heleen landman / milo lenferink
educator, youth coach & assistent:
hannegijs jonker
creative production:
miranda laanstra
final director:
marijn graven
made possible by:
station noord, kunstraad groningen, stichting beringer hazewinkel, drenthe province, natuurplaats noordsche veld, PeerGrouP, noorderlingen, garage TDI, welcome to the village, gamma velserbroek, zorgboerderij de weide blik, stichting buitengewoon, joanne saltet