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reserve HERE for the performance ritual,

1 - 5 august at Arcadia, Leeuwarden!

Performance starts day start daily from 6pm-8pm CEST each half an hour, max. 14 persons at a time. Duration: max. 1,5 hour. Departure location: Bosk walking forest at Harmonie Theatre, Ruiterskwartier Leeuwarden.

SOURCECODE (this mob made me)

theatrical landscape installation of operatie tandwiel, that visualizes the mob of our 7 generations of
ancestors, giving them a place in the circle of our lives; welcome to the fractal sourcecode of our existence.


fractal (from latin fractus: broken):

self-similar mathematical structure, of which parts are more or less similar to the whole, making it possible to zoom
in infinitely; comparable with natural phenomena like trees or plants (ferns for instance) of which the whole is
recognizable in (a part of) the leaf.

7 generation sustainability:

principal believed to originate from the iroquois tribe in northern america (turtle island), stressing the need with
each decision to take into account the influence on the coming 7 generations; in the same way as we carry the traces,
qualities and trauma's from the 7 generations that preceded us.


the animation on this page is a genofractal, a visualization of the fractal movement we make when two people, each with
its own ancestral wheel of 7 generations, join these ancestors from both sides while procreating a new generation; red
lines representing motherlines, white lines representing fatherlines (note: in all generations there have been
individuals with inner identities that would escape this strict binary model; within procreation they still have been
fulfilling binary biological functions though).

We carry trails. Each one of us stands amidst a circle of ancestors, known or unknown. On our left shoulder our mother,
on our right shoulder our father. They stand in circles around us:
2 parents,
4 grandparents,
8 great-grandparents,
16 great-great,
32 great-great-great,
64 great-great-great-great,
128 great-great-great-great-great-grandparents,
together 254 ancestors until the seventh generation.

All those people have made love, for us to be here. We carry their qualities, their wounds and patterns, just as our
trails might linger in the seven generations yet to come. All these blood lines connect us, the survivors, in a very
physical sense with primal times, with the mother of all humans, with the mother of all primates, with the mother of all
mammals, with all life on earth.

The theatrical installation SOURCECODE (this mob made me) gives us and the mob of our 7 generations of ancestors a
visual place in the landscape. Welcome to the fractal sourcecode of our existence.

by whom?

The work

Besides the performative installation, we also provide workshops & education trajectories for groups as well as
individuals, for those who are willing to truly dive into the depths of the ancestral wheel. We do this for a variety of
groups or individuals: the plainly interested, children from age 10, asylum seekers, prisoners, etc. This can be
combined with/in preparation of the performance, but separate sessions at home or an alternative location are possible
as well. Coming year sieger baljon will follow the Ancestral Healing Practitioner Training from dr. Daniel Foor (auteur
van 'Ancestral Medicine') and his team, complementing the sourcecode-work developed by himself.

Workshops can be booked through,
having in the subject 'sourcecode: the work'.
As we say here in these lowlands: Welkom!


sieger baljon
geartsje van der zee
sound design:
dennis van tilburg
eva koopmans, cezara-maria gurau
hannegijs jonker, philipp cahrpit, sieger baljon, elin van der lei / heleen landman / milo lenferink
educator, youth coach & assistent:
hannegijs jonker
creative production:
miranda laanstra
final director:
marijn graven
made possible by:
station noord, kunstraad groningen, stichting beringer hazewinkel, drenthe province, natuurplaats noordsche veld, PeerGrouP, noorderlingen, garage TDI, welcome to the village, gamma velserbroek, zorgboerderij de weide blik, stichting buitengewoon, joanne saltet